Review: RETURN OF THE VISCOUNT by Gayle Callen

About the book:

Her marriage of convenience seems far too convenient . . .

Desperation drove Cecilia Mallory to seek a union with a stranger—one who would wed her sight unseen and grant her full access to her inheritance with no expectations whatsoever. She anticipated, perhaps, an older, undesirable, equally desperate husband—never the young, vibrant, and devastatingly attractive man who answered her call. What could such a man really be after?

Unknown to Cecilia, Viscount Michael Blackthorne, a soldier and gentleman, owes a debt of honor to Lady Cecilia’s father, and granting her unusual request to wed seemed a worthy way to repay it. But an unseen threat perilously close at hand is convincing Michael that his true responsibility is to protect the beautiful, warm-hearted lady he has married . . . the woman he is unexpectedly coming to love.

I loved so many things about this book. First was the usual circumstances between Cecilia and Michael. They wed via proxy while he is in India and she is in England. Neither one has met the other and when they finally meet they both admit to having expected someone different. Cecilia has expected a much older man and Michael had expected someone unattractive that had no other choice but to marry a stranger. Their instant attraction to each isn’t something either of them expected to have to deal with at any time in their relationship. My second favorite thing was the mystery of who is trying to harm Cecilia. After Michael’s arrival several “accidents” happen to Cecilia and it is up to the two of them to work together to find out who is behind it and to stop them. The third thing I loved about this book was the writing. I’m a huge fan of Ms. Callen’s writing style. The flow and rhythm of the story is elegantly done. The dialogue between the characters flows and their emotions are expressed through their words and actions. From beginning to end this is a fantastically written and romantic tale.

the book girl gives RETURN OF THE VISCOUNT a 5/5

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