Review: UNDERCOVER PROFESSOR by December Gephart

About the book:

Rule Number One: Must not lie.
Rule Number Two: Must not live with parents.
Rule Number Three: Must have a job.
Rule Number Four: Must not be a friend’s ex.

These dating rules shouldn’t be hard for Lucy Benoit to follow—after all, she made them. But she didn’t plan on falling for Andy Sullivan, a scruffy-yet-attractive man who lives with his mother and is between jobs. These should be deal-breakers, but in other ways Andy is just her type. And there’s something intriguing about him…

Andy isn’t the geeky gamer he claims to be—not by a long shot. But what seemed like a harmless social experiment has put his chances of a relationship with Lucy at risk. Even if she can get past the silly rules she has set for herself, will she ever forgive him for breaking Rule Number One?

53,000 words

UNDERCOVER PROFESSOR had a lot of potential, but fell short of the mark for me. Andy is pretending to be someone else. I didn’t have a problem with that in the beginning, but once he and Lucy started sleeping with each other and he started thinking the L-word it was time to fess up. But, of course, he doesn’t. Lucy really wasn’t any better. She has this list that she keeps harping about and in the beginning she seems to be very serious about, but when faced with “Andy” she throws it all out the window. I loved the authors writing style and it was the only thing that kept me reading to the end. (Plus, I wanted to see how much groveling Andy was going to have to do – it wasn’t enough!) The dialogue was witty and the pacing perfect. I just couldn’t connect to the characters or care about what happened to them. I will be giving the author another try based on her writing and hope that I like the next set of characters more.

the book girl gives UNDERCOVER PROFESSOR a 3/5

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