REVIEW: JANE’S GIFT by Karen Erickson

About the book:

A fire captain afraid of commitment. A widow afraid of fire. Can the holidays bring them together?

A devastating house fire cost Jane Clark nearly everything: her husband, her confidence, and her looks, with the physical scars marbling her body. Now, two years later, she’s living and healing back in her childhood hometown of Lone Pine Lake. The upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to bring some Christmas cheer into her young children’s lives, starting with a visit to the firehouse, where her brother’s best friend has offered to help quell their residual fears.

Lone Pine’s resident playboy, fire captain Christian Nelson is happy with his single-guy lifestyle. He’s an everyday local hero, so he’s never wanting for attention around the holidays. But when Jane Clark shows up, Chris is immediately drawn to the beautiful widow—even though kids and commitment have never been his style.

Despite her brother’s warnings about his friend’s playboy status and dangerous occupation, Jane can’t help but fall for the gorgeous fire captain. The holidays are a time of new beginnings, but can two scarred people find the strength to let go of their pasts to live in the present, when a lifetime together might be the sweetest gift of all?

JANE’S GIFT is a very sweet and romantic holiday romance. Jane has suffered a great loss and is just getting her life back together. She has three small children to take care of and her own injuries from the house fire that killed her husband are still not one hundred percent healed. In order to overcome her children’s fear of fire (and hers as well) she takes them on a tour of the local fire station and meets Chris, the sexy fire captain. The attraction between Chris and Jane is instantaneous, but Jane sees herself as a scarred, unattractive woman because of her burns and doesn’t believe that the attraction could be reciprocated. Chris can’t believe the attraction either, but not because of her appearance. Jane isn’t his type and he doesn’t want to get involved with a widow with three children, but he can’t get her out of his head. These two have fantastic chemistry, but are both scared to be in a relationship and fight their growing feelings for each other every step of the way. They both struggle with the what-ifs and have a hard time believing that what they feel could work in the long run. Their story is romantic and sweet. There are lots of secondary characters that help drive the story forward and I hope that we get their stories – especially Jane’s brothers Cam and Mac.

the book girl gives JANE’S GIFT a 4/5

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  1. Sounds good. I really must get myself an ereader as there are way tooooooo many books I would love to read coming only in that form. And it is annoying the heck out of me. LOL.

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