I hope everyone (in the U.S.) has a fantastic Thanksgiving today. Today is a special Thanksgiving for our family, because it’s also our daughters 8th birthday. She’s loving the fact that everyone is off for her birthday. She’s having a turkey cake and has been referring to it as her “turkey birthday” for over a month. We are celebrating at my Brother-in-laws house and then the kids are spending the night so that my husband and I can go Black Friday shopping. We go every year (the whole family – both sides – give us things to pick up so they don’t have to get out) and we make a date out of the night. We have breakfast, act silly, and enjoy the time spent together. We have gone out every year except the year out daughter was born and we brought her home from the hospital on Thanksgiving.

The girl’s cake – Which she wanted to say “Happy Birthday You Big Turkey” and I didn’t stop her since it’s her cake!











Happy Thanksgiving! 

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