Review: LET IT SNOW by Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LeBrecque

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Put some heat in your holidays with these scorchin’-hot fairy tales from bestselling authors Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque

The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly

Between her ne’er-do-well brother and her candy shop, Claire Hoffman has her hands full. But when sexy sparks start flying between Claire and her gorgeous but enigmatic tenant “Phil,” Claire wonders if all the chocolate has made her a little Christmas crazy. But what will happen to her fantasy when her dishy fling tells her that, er…he’s actually a prince?

My True Love Gave to Me… by Jennifer LaBrecque

Years ago in the town of Good Riddance, Alaska, Gertie and Knox were best friends—until Knox fell under the “spell” of a rather cold, remote woman. But three years later, Knox and Gertie are reunited at the Chrismoose festival…and all it takes is a snowed-in night in a cabin for Gertie to turn Knox’s chill into a red-hot blaze of sexstasy!

The two stories in this collection are very different, but both of them are fantastic.

The first story – THE PRINCE WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS – is a fairy tale romance. Prince Philip is from a kingdom in parallel universe and he is in need of a bride. He comes to New York in search of a woman who will love him for who he is and not what he has. Claire has always taken care of everyone else – her father, mother, and younger brother. When “Phil” her upstairs tenant stands up for her she finds his caveman protective streak sexy even though she knows she shouldn’t. I liked the way these two characters who are literally from two different worlds find their way to a very sweet happily ever after.

MY TRUE LOVE GIVES TO ME… is a story about second chances and friendship. Gertie and Knox were never romantic, but when he turns his back on her the betrayal cuts deep and she realizes that has always been in love with him. Gertie works to get over Knox and thinks that she is doing okay until she runs into Knox and the feelings are still just as strong. Knox had only feelings of friendship for Gertie in the past, but when he sees her after almost two years he is struck by the fact that she is a beautiful woman and caught off guard by the fact that his former best friend now turns him on. There is a lot of past issues for these two characters to get through and they have to work hard to rebuild their relationship.

the book girl gives LET IT SNOW a 4/5

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  1. This one caught my eye in the store…at least I think it was this one…was in a bit of a daze shopping on Saturday!

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