Review: BABY UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE by Teresa Carpenter

About the book:

San Diego hockey team’s PR director Elle Austin goes beyond the call of duty to keep their rebel captain in check—even playing nanny to his son!

Max Beasley knows nothing about looking after a baby, so he enlists Elle’s help after little Troy is left on his doorstep by his irresponsible ex.

Maybe it’s the spirit of Christmas, or seeing Max’s softer side, but Elle wishes he saw her as more than just an employee, and that they could give Troy the best gift of all—a family!

I loved this story. Max and Elle are a fun couple. They spend the first part of the book disliking each other. Max pushes Elle’s buttons to get a rise out of her and Elle tries her hardest to stay away from Max. When Troy shows up at Max’s doorstep Elle is the only one he wants to help him figure out how to balance his hockey career and fatherhood. I love the way they grow closer as Elle finds the real person hidden underneath Max’s tough outer shell and Max realizes that he has more to give a woman like Elle than he originally thought. BABY UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE is a fantastic Christmas romance.

the book girl gives BABY UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE a 4/5

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One thought on “Review: BABY UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE by Teresa Carpenter

  1. The hockey angle makes this one more interesting to me but wow, 3 baby stories in a row?!?! I never noticed so many baby books out near the holidays! 😎

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