12 Days of Christmas: My Holiday Favorites!

I have been sick so instead of writing a couple of posts about my favorite holiday things I’ve lumped in all into one post (with pictures!).

CHRISTMAS COOKIES…AND FUDGE…AND SAUSAGE BALLS… Okay, I love all of the Christmas goodies. I start baking around the fifteenth of December and stop on Christmas Eve. Most of what I bake goes to work with my husband (I’ve already started getting requests from his employees) and to the mission that my Grandparent’s run. This year I plan on scaling back of what I bake for home. I’ve lost 60lbs since this summer and don’t want to add any back over the holidays. However, I did a test run of Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan Oatmeal Cookies this week and they were delicious!




THE ADVENT CALENDAR – I love the countdown to Christmas. The kids used to get those cheap ones with the yucky chocolate in them and one of them would eat every piece before the month was halfway over. This year we bought a Smurf Calender with little things to build or set-up each day – like the Lego advent calendars. I like this one a lot. We spend about ten minutes together as a family putting whatever that days part it together. With three super busy kids and a husband who works crazy hours, ten minutes is sometimes the longest time we are all five in a room together on any given day. The calendar helps us connect and have a bit of fun.



CHRISTMAS MOVIES AND MUSIC – I’m a Christmas music addict. I have more holiday music than I can possibly listen to in the month of December. In fact, I usually start right after Halloween and listen for two months straight. (This year I didn’t because I couldn’t get into the holiday spirit when it was still 80 degrees outside!) I still listen to the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers CD that I listened to as a kid, but I also get something new every year. My kids and husband love to tease me about my collection of Christmas music, but my daughter (whose 8) is slowly becoming just like me. This year she’s been making us listen to Justin Bieber Christmas music and that is something I could do without!!  I also own a rather large collection of holiday movies – classics, cartoons, comedies, and everything in between. My favorites are MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS and THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Every year those are the two movies I watch while I wrap the gazillion presents that I put off till the last possible minute. Friday nights are family movie nights at our house and in December they are holiday themed. Each kid gets a turn picking what the movie/snack is for that night and whoever is home cuddles up to watch together. Luckily the kids are still at an age where this is still a cool thing to do 🙂

*I had to look up when the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Christmas Album came out because I know that I’ve listened to it for as long as I can remember. It was released in 1984. So, I’ve listened to the same Christmas music every year since I was 4. I remember listening to it on a record at my grandparents house, then I had a tape cassette, and the very first Christmas my husband and I were married he found it on CD. It’s a good Christmas CD 🙂 *

Those are some of my holiday favorites. What are some of yours??



  1. Patoct

    Sounds like you have great Christmas activities and food lined up.

    I love making Christmas cookies with my granddaughter. She is 4 and we started last year. We are doing it tomorrow and when I told her, she said “Oh, yeah”. She likes the cooky sheets I have – they have different Christmas items imbedded – tree, candy canes, gingerbread people; you get the picture.

    We also love attending Christmas parties and have one or two here ourselves.

    For Thanksgiving had my granddaughter make a card for her parents, will probably do the same for Christmas.

  2. Patoct

    P.S. Congrats on the weight loss; I certainly understand wanting to watch – if it isn’t in the house, you cannot eat it! So good planning.

  3. Joanne B

    Congrats on the weight loss.
    I love the holiday movies, music, and TV specials, I enjoy baking cookies for family and friends(I try not to eat too many), and I love the holiday decorations.

  4. Babs

    Good for you on the weight loss. That takes real dedication!

    My daughter is crazy about Xmas — she loves everything about it and usually pulls us in with her enthusiasm. We put the tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving and get out all the decorations…I can’t move without seeing a Santa or Christmas themed book, etc.

    We don’t bake a lot because no one is particularly keen to eat the results so that saves a lot of work for me. 😎

    Our favorite movies to watch every year are “A Christmas Story” and “Elf” (my hubby’s favorite.)

    We also make sure to stress to our daughter how lucky we are to have a place to live, food to eat, new clothes, books, etc. We work every year to figure out charities to contribute to. Toys For Tots is a longstanding favorite and this year my daughter took some of her own money to buy some Matchbox cars to donate. We are also going to donate at our local pet shop — $30 will cover spaying/neutering a homeless animal and my daughter, of her own accord, has decided to donate $15 which will cover feeding a kitten for a week ($5) and paying for a vet visit for a homeless puppy/dog ($10). We’re also donating to the local food bank. Giving back (throughout the year) is important to us…it just seems easier to do now with all the holiday-related options!

  5. Quilt Lady

    Congrats on the weight loss. I have been walking two miles a day all summer and didn’t loose any weight,sad. It just get so hard when you get older. I do plan on doing some baking and making Christmas candy to give away for Christmas.

  6. Gmapeony

    Kudos to you on the weight loss.

    I love to make some Christmas cakes and give them out to family. I am an older lady so don’t do too much.

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