Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year 🙂

Did you make any resolutions??

I didn’t make any resolutions, but I am starting a few new things. I’m switching up my exercise routine – instead of the treadmill and elliptical at the gym I’m going to take up yoga and running. My plan is to run in at least 4 5k races this year with my son and husband. I’m down to the last twenty pounds that I want to lose and I know those will be the hardest, so I will have to find some way to step up my game as far as that is concerned. My other new thing is to actually read less. In 2012 I read over 250 books and while I don’t feel that it took away from family time or anything like that (I read when the kids are at school or asleep), I do know that it took away from the time I should be concentrating on writing and other things. So my goal is to focus a little less on reading and more on the other things that I have let slide because I get sucked into so many good books! My plan is to work during the day and read at night after the kids are asleep. This will mean less reviews, but hopefully I will find myself closer to becoming a published author in 2013!!



One thought on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy New Year! Good luck on those 5K runs…and yes, loosing that last bit of weight is always the hardest (at least you recognize that!)

    The only resolution I made was to simplify my life as much as possible…we’ll see how that goes…

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