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About the book:

Pushed into a miserable loveless marriage, Charlotte Rutherford Wylde finds her late husband has spent her entire fortune and more astonishingly, he has an entire family that he never bothered to mention. 

The fashionable Wyldes are as surprised to hear of Charlotte’s existence as she is of theirs. To the charismatic Sir Alec Wylde, she is at first just another obligation in his overburdened life. But when they are thrown together to unravel the dangerous tangles the old man left behind, the two soon find that they only want to investigate each other.

ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE is a very well written regency romance that gives glimpses into life both upstairs and downstairs. There is definitely a Downton Abbey feel to the characters in the book. I just couldn’t love ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE. The story was fell flat in a lot of places and felt long. There isn’t much happening for most of the book and when the action did happen I didn’t care enough about the characters to care about the outcome. To me the romance between Charlotte and Alec was boring, but I did enjoy the romance between Charlotte’s maid, Lucy, and the footman, Ethan. Their relationship has a more desperate feel and was one hundred times more romantic. I was also entertained by Alec’s younger sister, Lizzy and her mischievous cat, Callie. There was just something lacking (for me) with the main couple and I couldn’t connect with them.

the book girl gives ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE a 3/5

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