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About the book:

Interior designer Holly Carrington worked hard for her success. Then tragedy struck, leaving Holly the sole guardian of her infant niece. Now she’s swapped her designer purse for a diaper bag, and is going ahead with plans to renovate—and sell—her childhood home in Red River. But facing her past also means coming face-to-face with Quinn Manning all over again…

Quinn was the object of her girlhood crush—and heartbreak— and is more gorgeous than ever. He’s also the only person qualified to oversee the renovation. Now they’re butting heads every step of the way… and their attraction is more electrifying than ever! But once the house is sold, Holly needs to return to her real life. And falling for Quinn all over again is one risk she can’t take…

A RISK WORTH TAKING is a well written story, but it features a heroine I just couldn’t warm up to at all. Holly is receiving fantastic news when she gets the call that her sister and brother-in-law have been hurt. Her whole world falls down around her, but she has to remain strong for her niece, Ella. She returns to Red River to renovate the family home (that her sister and brother-in-law planned to live in) and sell it to secure Ella’s future. There she confronts the one man she couldn’t ever get over, Quinn, and her fears about everyone always leaving her. Holly got on my nerves…a lot. She tries to be Miss. Independent, but then makes many mistakes that wouldn’t have happened if she would have just listened to those around her. No one tries to take over her life, but she acts as if that is what will happen if she pays attention to good advice or lets someone help her. Her fear is founded in reality, but no matter how many times Quinn tells her that he won’t leave her and that he will be there she is still willing to throw away love and be alone. The romance between her and Quinn is sweet and sexy, and Quinn really is the perfect romance hero. He understands all of her fears and doesn’t give up on her. I really liked Quinn and the secondary characters in the story. I would love to read what was behind the odd behavior between Quinn’s brother Jake and Holly’s best friend. I would have enjoyed this story a lot if I could have liked Holly – she just wasn’t my type of character I guess.

the book girl gives A RISK WORTH TAKING a 3/5

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  1. I swear this sounds so much like a book I’ve already read…gesh…guess it might be becoming an over-used trope. Think I’ll give it a pass.

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