Review: And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens


About the book:

The only thing more troublesome than a Cynster man . . .

. . . is a Cynster lady who believes love is not her destiny. Famously known in London society as “The Matchbreaker,” Henrietta Cynster’s uncanny skill lies in preventing ill-fated nuptials—not in falling victim to Cupid’s spell.

But then she disrupts one match too many and feels honor-bound to assist dashing James Glossup in finding a suitable bride for a marriage-of-convenience.

A task infernally complicated by the undeniable, unquenchable attraction that flares between James and Henrietta, who continues to believe she will never fall . . .

I’ve been reading the Cynster series since the beginning and have loved almost all of them. AND THEN SHE FELL may be my favorite. I simply adored both the hero and heroine. Henrietta is on the shelf, but since she is a Cynster it isn’t quite the same as it would be for other ladies. Henrietta is able to do as she pleases and uses her family’s influence to help the other ladies of the ton make sure the men who are courting them are what they seem. She has made the choice to not get married, but at the insistence of her younger sister puts on the infamous necklace that helps the Cynster females find their true hero. Quickly she finds herself falling for James even as she tries to help him find his suitable bride. I love the way that James and Henrietta circle around each other and maneuver to spend more time together. James has to try to find a way to tell her that he wants her instead of some other woman and Henrietta aches to tell him that she wants to be the name at the top of his list of bride candidates. They are given the perfect opportunity to spend the time together when “accidents” start happening with startling regularity around Henrietta and James has to figure out if someone is trying to hurt her before he can tell her how he feels. The story flows perfectly and there are appearances by lots of the heroes and heroines from the previous Cynster books.

the book girl gives AND THEN SHE FELL a 5/5

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  1. I’m on the hold list for this from the library. Can’t wait to read it! I stopped reading the Cynsters a few years back…there were just too many and I couldn’t keep them all straight…

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