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About the book:

An exciting erotic novella from acclaimed author Megan Mulry set in Napoleonic Spain. Featuring the sensual art of Japanese rope binding, this is a fresh and intriguing spin on BDSM.

Seventeen-year-old Isabella (Doña Isabella de Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba), daughter of the Duke of Feria, is preparing for her arranged marriage to the son of a wealthy aristocrat. On the morning of her wedding day, after weeks of planning, Isabella escapes from the palace, believing she is riding to freedom.

Unfortunately, after only a few hours on horseback, Isabella happens upon a small band of three gentlemen who restrain her and take her hostage. Ultimately, after they realize she is most likely a woman of privilege, they offer their assistance, as all of them are also headed to Aveiro, a port city in Portugal, to escape their familial obligations.

While they are travelling, Isabella and Javier, the leader, develop a tender affection. When Javi (Francisco Javier de la Mina) insists on binding Isabella’s wrists and ankles each night—ostensibly to prevent her escape or theft of their goods-the ritual soon turns into a heated game of unspoken sexual promise that is ultimately consummated when they discover their true identities.

BOUND TO BE A BRIDE is a hot, sexy novella. I loved that it takes place in Napoleonic Spain. I don’t think that I’ve read anything else in that setting and loved the exotic feel and the major differences between the typical historical romances. Isabella is an independent and head-strong woman. She isn’t going to allow anyone to force her into a marriage she doesn’t want. Javier feels the same way. He isn’t going to allow marriage to some weak woman to get in the way of his plans for the future. When they meet up in the forest and Javier binds Isabella to make sure that she can’t escape things heat up. I liked the heat between the couple and how things are allowed to build between them until close to the end of the novella. There is definitely sexual tension throughout the novella. BOUND TO BE A BRIDE is a quick read that is perfect if you are looking for something very spicy and romantic.

the book girl gives BOUND TO BE A BRIDE a 4/5

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  1. Hmmm…I read another book with Japanese rope binding and it did nothing for me…think I’ll skip this one.

    If you want to read a really great book set in Spain try THE SERGEANT’S LADY by Susanna Fraser. Features class differences, some military history, etc. I LOVE it. Impressive first book from Fraser.

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