Trilogy Review: He Watches Me, He Touches Me, and He Claims Me by Cynthia Sax


About the books:


She desires to be seen.
He wants to watch.

Anna Sampson has a naughty secret. Every night, she slips into her neighbor’s yard and swims naked in his pool. She fantasizes that the dynamic young billionaire watches her nightly nude aquatics, his brilliant green eyes gleaming with lust.

She discovers this isn’t pure fantasy. Gabriel Blaine has been watching her via his security cameras, and now that he has returned to L.A., he doesn’t plan to stop. That’s all he wants—to watch. Anna knows she shouldn’t allow him and she certainly shouldn’t want more, but she craves Blaine’s attention, needing his gaze fixed on her body.


His touch enflames her desires.

Anna Sampson has allowed billionaire businessman Gabriel Blaine to watch her, all of her. And looking is all he’s done—until now. After giving him permission to touch her, Anna realizes she won’t be satisfied until she has all of this handsome and secretive man.

Soon she tempts him, shreds his control, and pushes him too far. Blaine’s reluctance to take her virginity frustrates Anna. He fulfills her fantasy, but what is their reality together?


A billionaire’s desires and a virgin’s wish to be claimed come together.

Two men want Anna Sampson. Gabriel Blaine is powerful, intelligent, the CEO of a successful company, and a billionaire. He’s watched her, touched her, encouraged her to become a strong, independent woman, a woman unafraid of her desires.

Now secrets from the past are exposed, threatening Anna’s freedom and safety. Will the man she loves stand by her side, or will he desert her, leaving Anna once again to face the future alone?

The Seen trilogy follows the trend of billionaire finds pretty, young thing and they fall in lust with each other and it leads to love. I enjoyed all three books and liked that there wasn’t any BDSM in these – lots of sex, but nothing really kinky. Anna works hard at being invisible, but Blaine sees her and it doesn’t bother her. They have a connection that is instant and strong. Blaine is mysterious and sexy, but I didn’t feel like his character was ever fully explored. This was definitely Anna’s story. She is worried that Blaine will grow tired of her and leave her just like all of the other people in her life before him. All three parts are quick reads and flow really well into each other. I read them back to back and there was a little bit of repetitiveness to catch the reader up, but it wasn’t too much. This is the perfect trilogy for readers who like their romances more on the spicy side.

the book girl gives HE WATCHES ME a 4/5, HE TOUCHES ME a 4/5 and HE CLAIMS ME a 3/5

to find the book:

HE WATCHES ME – Amazon       Barnes & Noble

HE TOUCHES ME (7/9) – Amazon      Barnes & Noble

HE CLAIMS ME (7/16) – Amazon     Barnes & Noble

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  1. I was eyeing these but wasn’t sure…I’m a little tired of the whole billionaire trilogy thing.

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