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My house/life has been in total chaos for the last two weeks. We had the painters in and they made a mess. They did a terrible job and then placed the blame on everyone and everything else. We couldn’t move the furniture back or put any of the rooms back together until everything was worked out. So, I had living room furniture in my kitchen. The kid’s rooms were full of boxes from the master bedroom and living room. It’s amazing how your house being messy and chaotic leads to your life being messy and chaotic. I’m always on top of things (the kids schedule, my husbands schedule, etc) and the last two weeks I have dropped the ball several times. Things are finally back in place (mostly) and now we are just arguing about the bill (at least my husband is – they expect us to pay for all sorts of stuff and are totally discounting the fact that they ruined an end table and got paint on the carpet!). I have lots of reviews to post and a great list of review books I’ve received the last two weeks!!

Here are my new review books:

PRIVATE RESEARCH – Sabrina Darby (10/29)

A STUDY IN DARKNESS – Emma Jane Holloway 10/29

A STUDY IN ASHES – Emma Jane Holloway 12/31

ONCE SHE WAS TEMPTED – Anne Barton 10/29

DUKE OF MIDNIGHT – Elizabeth Hoyt 10/15

ONCE A RAKE – Eileen Dreyer 10/29

HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT – Nikki Logan 10/22


THE REUNION LIE – Lucy King 11/19

BAITING THE BOSS – Coleen Kwan 10/14

THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER –  Barbara Wallace, Susan Meier, Jackie Braun, Shirley Jump 10/14

LOST IN A ROYAL KISS – Vanessa Kelly 11/26

ENTWINED – Kristen Callihan 11/5


THE BOOK OF JEZEBEL – Anna Holmes 10/22

SLOW RIDE HOME – Leah Braemel 11/11

NAUGHTY NICKS – Christine d’Abo 11/21

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