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I’ve been editing like crazy and listening to the playlist I made while writing MAKE ME A MATCH in November. I love how music can remind me of the characters or a moment that I wrote. I heard this song last week and it sparked a new idea that is so different from anything I have ever written before. I’m now working on MAKE ME A MATCH during the day and Georgia #1 at night. The books are so different and it is refreshing to step into the new world and take a break from Maddy and Sean.

Editing, Inspiration, Make Me A Match

Today marks the start of a month-long wild ride. I will be editing the book that I wrote in November during Entangled Publishing’s Smackdown – MAKE ME A MATCH.  The story is a light paranormal with a witch who accidentally makes herself irresistible to all men and the best friend who finally realizes that he wants her for himself. This weekend I sat down and read the entire manuscript and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and how much it didn’t stink 🙂 I was really worried that it was going to be a mess of disjointed chapters and nonsense. The first chapter needs to be rewritten and there are some holes that need plugging, but nothing that scares me too much.

My inspiration for today is the picture I used for my main male character in my wip.

Here’s Sean Walker:

Sean 5

Other Blog News

I’m changing the book girl from a review blog to more of a writer’s blog/personal blog to keep track of my journey to being published (hopefully) this year. I realized that all the time and energy I spend writing reviews and doing blog upkeep would be better spent pursuing my dream of being a published author. I will miss reviewing books, but I’m excited about this change and what 2014 has in store for me.

Thank you to the publishers and authors who gave books for contests and reviews. Thank you to everyone who read the reviews I wrote, commented on posts, and entered contests.

I will still be posting reviews on Amazon and probably the occasional one here when I really love a book. I plan to have some fun posts about music, movies, sexy guys and what I’m working on at the moment! I hope that those who have taken the time to visit the book girl over the last 5+ years I’ve been blogging will continue to do so as I start this new adventure. Hopefully someday I’ll be holding a contest to give away copies of my very own book!