Review: The Irish Prince by Virginia Nelson

About the book:

CEO Aiden Kelley’s life of billionaire extravagance is flipped upside down when his ex shows up with a ten-year-old she claims is his. Totally out of his element and losing the control so integral to his success, he needs help. To top it all off, the only constant woman in his life, his executive assistant, has given notice just when he needs her help to survive his newfound fatherhood.

Chelsea Houston is an executive assistant, not a nanny. The only person more clueless about kids is her boss. Helping him on a daddy-daughter road trip is her last task before he’ll accept her two weeks’ notice and she can be free of the infuriating man she’s had a crush on for longer than she’d admit.

Aiden’s carefully ordered life has never been so disorganized, and he’s suddenly tempted by the things he thought he could never have. Things like love and family. Who knew chaos could be so damn fun?

Each book in the The Billionaire Dynasties series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 The Penthouse Prince
Book #2 The Irish Prince

My Thoughts:

The Irish Prince takes the reader on an emotional journey with both the romance and the relationship between Aiden and his daughter.

Aiden is unsure of himself as a parent and it has thrown him for loop. He has worked his whole life to be in complete control of every situation and when he struggles with that control he has Chelsea to help him. She is the one person he can count on in any situation, but Chelsea is tired of being his executive assistant. She wants more than finding random women’s underwear in her office and having to field calls and visits from those same women when they are inevitably pushed aside. This trip to the Grand Canyon with Waverly is the end of her working relationship with Aiden. She is done! Only Aiden isn’t ready to let her go and her wanting to leave him is making him see Chelsea in a new light.

The relationship between Aiden and Chelsea develops quickly once there is a timer on her leaving his employment. They both find themselves wondering “what if” and wanting to explore the chemistry between them. I liked that although they had worked very closely to each other for years, that Aiden and Chelsea had never taken their relationship in another direction. That it was professional between them and stayed that way until the trip to the Grand Canyon.

I also loved the humor of Chelsea and the awkwardness of Aiden as he explores his feelings for Chelsea and at becoming a parent to Waverly. It is the perfect balance.

How I Rate This Book:

I give The Irish Prince a 4/5

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