Review: One Little Kiss by Maggie Kelley

About the book:

Love blogger Kate Bell is finished with men—especially the hot ones. Of course her only chance to save her career requires snagging an interview with the man who literally wrote the book on love, reclusive and super-sexy relationship expert Jake Wright. Who happens to be her boss’s brother.

The last thing Jake Wright wants is to be dragged back into the spotlight as a bachelor for his sister’s dating website. But when a sweet and sexy blogger crashes onto his island in the middle of a storm worse than his love life, keeping his hands off proves to be a challenge—especially when they’re stuck sharing the same bungalow.

Each book in the Smart Cupid series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Breaking the Bachelor
Book #2 Unexpectedly His
Book #3 One Little Kiss

What I thought:

I loved this book! The characters are brilliant and sexy.

Kate is really bad at picking men, so she has given them up. New Kate is going to focus on her career and not having to return to Ohio and run the family business. It is imperative that she gets the interview with Jake (who happens to be her boss’s brother).

Jake wants nothing to do with being a Smart Cupid stud or being interviewed by Kate. Weather, a sexy bikini, and a meddling sister/boss bring these two together and the sparks immediately fly.

I really liked the way that Kate is able to change Jake’s perception of romance and the way Jake restores Kate’s faith in true love. One Little Kiss is sexy, sweet and has a perfect happily ever after ending.


the book girl gives One Little Kiss a 5/5

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