Review: The CEO’s Nanny Affair by Joss Wood

About the book:

Sexy single-dad billionaire meets temporary nanny… 

When Tate Harper’s sister disappears, the globe-trotting TV host is suddenly the caregiver for her infant niece. She has to find her sister ASAP! Enter single father and sexy CEO Linc Ballantyne, her sister’s ex. He’s a family man to the core, and he’ll help Tate—if she agrees to be his temporary live-in nanny.

Soon she’s juggling a baby, a toddler and a growing attraction to the billionaire Ballantyne. But when it’s time to go back to her real life, will she pack her bags or stay and find out what being a family really means?

My Thoughts:

I had a really hard time liking the characters in this book at the beginning. Linc, who is the ultimate single dad, is cold and doesn’t seem to care at all that Tate is in trouble. Even though Ellie, Tate’s niece, is his son’s half-sister, Linc seems perfectly fine to let them go and wash his hands of them completely.

Tate is freaking out in every way. She never intended to be a mother or even to stay in the same place for more than a few months. Immediately after Ellie is left with her Tate sets about to find a way to get rid of her. Tate is determined to track down Ellie’s mother or to find another suitable solution that doesn’t include Tate retaining custody.

These characters were unlikable to me in the beginning of the book because they are deeply flawed and so well written. I came to care about what happened to Linc, Tate, and the children. It’s always a sign of a good book (in my opinion) if the author can make me love the characters as much as the characters love each other. THE CEO’S NANNY AFFAIR did just that. By the end of the book, I had tears in my eyes and a satisfied smile on my face.


the book girl gives THE CEO’S NANNY AFFAIR a 4/5

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