My Favorite Podcast…

I spend a lot of time in the car and in my office. I used to make playlists for whatever I was working on or whatever music matches my mood for that day. Lately none of the music I have has held my interest. So, since school started in August all I listen to are podcasts. There are several that I like, but my absolute favorite is My Favorite Murder. Georgia and Karen (the hosts) are hilarious, irreverent, and twisted. I love learning about murder cases that I haven’t heard of and more information about the ones I have at least a  little knowledge of. I have even been able to get my husband to listen to My Favorite Murder while we were on a road-trip.

Favorite episodes:

  1. #55 – Let’s Hear Your Podcast – Christine and Lea Papin
  2. #45 – Funky Diva – Lord Lucan/Summerhill Road Murders
  3. #105 – Proclensity – Typhoid Mary

Do you have a favorite podcast?

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