Georgia #1, Writing

Obviously I’m not great at updating my blog. I’ve learned something about myself. Unless there is something definite for me to post about the blog gets pushed to the side. I’m going to work on that and try to pose at least three days a week from now on. The posts may be short and sweet, but I will post something!

Today I’m starting Camp NaNoWriMo and a new book! I’ve spent so much time with the last one and I am more than ready to start working on something new. This time I’m writing a little differently and I’m curious to see how it will all work out. I have a very vague idea of how I want to story to progress, but no detailed outline like I usually do. My hope is that the story will flow better if I don’t feel boxed in by my own plot points. Of course, I might cave in a few days and start furiously plotting so I have a security blanket beside me while I write. Only time and the words will tell…


Editing, Georgia #1, Make Me A Match, Writing

I’ve been editing like crazy and listening to the playlist I made while writing MAKE ME A MATCH in November. I love how music can remind me of the characters or a moment that I wrote. I heard this song last week and it sparked a new idea that is so different from anything I have ever written before. I’m now working on MAKE ME A MATCH during the day and Georgia #1 at night. The books are so different and it is refreshing to step into the new world and take a break from Maddy and Sean.