Guest Blog and Contest: Bill Surie – the author of Holly’s Inbox

the book girl is happy to have Bill Surie, the author of Holly’s Inbox, as our guest blogger today. After reading the blog make sure to enter the contest for your own copy of Holly’s Inbox. ************************************************************************** I always knew I’d be Batman. As a young boy however I understood life was full of surprises […]

Guest Blog and A Contest: Judi Fennell

the book girl is happy to have Judi Fennell guest blogging with us today! In Over Her Head is a very fun read. At the bottom of the blog will be what you need to do win your own copy of In Over Her Head!! ****************************************************************************** Thanks so much for having me! My debut novel, […]

Guest Blog: Robin Kaye

The book girl is happy to have Robin Kaye guest blogging today. I LOVE both Romeo, Romeo and Too Hot to Handle and cannot wait for Breakfast in Bed. Thank you, Robin! ******************************************************************************* I’m Robin Kaye and I’m the author of three boos, Too Hot to Handle and Romeo, Romeo are available now and Breakfast […]

Guest Blog: Laurie Brown

The book girl is excited to have Laurie Brown, the author of What Would Jane Austen Do?, guest blogging today on what it takes to be a writer. Thank you, Laurie, for giving us a peek into what it’s like for you. ************************************************************* It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and yet here I am inside at […]

Guest Blog: Amelia Grey

Judging a Book By It’s Cover by Amelia Grey Was someone talking about covers? Oh, maybe it was me. As a devoted romance reader I freely admit that I have bought romances just because I LOVED the cover. I meant it when I said I was devoted. I know some of you are probably thinking […]

Guest Blog: Kathryn L. Nelson

Pemberly Manor by Kathryn L. Nelson Caroline Bingley knows she’s down for the count, and Jane Austen leave us with the suggestion that her behavior materially improves once she has accepted her loss of Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet. I wonder… Pemberley Manor was Reviewed by Natasha Zwick for JASNA SW: “Lesson-wise, a primary theme comes […]

Guest Blog:Mary Margret Daughtridge

Who’s the alpha-ist of them all? by Mary Margret Daughtride I love alpha heroes. Love ’em. Even the ones who make me so mad I want to give them a good, hard thump. Unfortunately, my heroine of SEALed With a Promise, Emmi Caddington, PhD, has very little use for alpha males. She calls them […]