Changes for 2014

I’m changing the book girl from a review blog to more of a writer’s blog/personal blog to keep track of my journey to being published (hopefully) this year. I realized that all the time and energy I spend writing reviews and doing blog upkeep would be better spent pursuing my dream of being a published […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day! I hope everyone has a great day full of turkey and stuffing (if that’s your thing)! We are traveling to see my family (yea!) and then Mr. Book Girl and I will go Black Friday shopping like we have every year we’ve been married. (Except for the year we had a 4 […]

Happy Memorial Day and Update

Happy Memorial Day and a grateful thank you to all those who have served our country. My Grandmother was able to go home from the hospital on Thursday after having another surgery. When they did the surgery on her broken leg to put the rod and screws in they found a fracture in the same […]

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013!! I hope everyone has a fantastic new year ­čÖé Did you make any resolutions?? I didn’t make any resolutions, but I am starting a few new things. I’m switching up my exercise routine – instead of the treadmill and elliptical at the gym I’m going to take up yoga and running. My plan […]

I’m Baaaack!

We are home from vacation. It was one of our best and I wished it hadn’t ended. (Of course, coming home to 110 degree heat might have something to do with that.) I read a couple of good books while on vacation, but mainly just enjoyed the uninterrupted time with my kids and hubby. Tomorrow […]

Vacation Time!!

  The family and I are on vacation this week! We have a lovely house-sitter watching our precious pets and plan to spend the week hanging out with each other not worrying about anything. I still have posts posting everyday (I worked hard to get all of my July books read before we left!) I […]