Busy Bee…

February is one of the busiest months in our family. My oldest is turning 16 and my husband, sister-in-law, and nephew all have birthdays too. My Grandparent’s are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s day and we are throwing them a party. With all of this added to the normal school stuff and family stuff it will be March before I can catch my breath.

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Here in Oklahoma, snow isn’t a guaranteed part of winter – especially in November. Today we woke up to huge, beautiful snow flakes falling from the sky. The kids were sure this meant that there would be no school, but their hopes were dashed. The ground is too warm for the snow to stick and there wasn’t even talk about the weather’s effect on the roads. I usually only drive my middle school kids to school in the morning, but today the high school kid wanted a ride too.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day working on a steamy romance and staying warm.

Does it snow where you live? Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

It’s my birthday!

Today is my 37th birthday. I had a final this morning in my human sexuality class and an eye doctor appointment – this is what happens on birthdays when you get older. My youngest has a performance at school tonight and then the family is taking me to dinner.  I also have to study for an international econ final tomorrow. No rest for the over thirty college student/mom/wife.

The funniest thing to happen – birthday wise – was an email from my middle and youngest’s speech teacher wishing me a happy birthday. She knew it was my birthday because the kids had been telling her for the last few weeks. I find this ironic because if you asked them what day my birthday is, they wouldn’t know. However, they know that it was Tuesday of this week.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of family, chocolate and beautifully colored eggs.

I’m making my first Easter lunch this year – ham, twice baked potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, and pig cake. In the past we’ve either gone to my grandparents or to my in-laws house. My mother-in-law passed away in October and we couldn’t get away for the weekend because of soccer. So, lunch is at our house. I made it to almost 37 without having to cook a big holiday meal. I guess it’s time.

I was worried that the kids were going to be “too old” to do the whole dying eggs and having an Easter egg hunt thing, but they all loved every bit of it (even the teenager). It reminded me of when they were toddlers – except with a lot more competition.

I’m baaaaaack!

After taking a year off from blogging and writing I am back. I have settled into my office and will start a new book sometime in the next week. I’m going to start doing book reviews again too. I miss posting about what I love (and hate).  There will also be other kinds of posts about things I love – movies, television shows, websites, obsessions, etc. I can’t wait to start interacting with the book blogging world again! My first “official” post will be Monday, April 17th.

My new office!

For the last several months my husband has been working on a special project. He built me an office in the garage, complete with a/c, heat and a door that locks! (With three kids, a door that locks is the best part!) My office is my own space that I can decorate however I want (Doctor Who, pictures of sexy men, superheroes, and cute animals), listen to music at the highest volume without complaint, and write until my wrist hurt. Heaven! Today was move in day and when I walked in there were flowers on my desk. Thank goodness I married my very own romance hero!

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Manic Monday – 9/15/14

Ugh – today started off rocky. My oldest kid’s bus was over thirty minutes late and it was raining. I finally got a hold of the bus barn and the kids got picked up. Then tragedy struck! I ran out of coffee creamer before I even made one cup of coffee. It’s hard to get three kids ready for school on a rainy Monday morning without coffee. So, instead of posting my goals for the week (which is my plan for Monday’s blog post, although I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with it) I’m going to post 5 things I’m grateful for this morning to remind myself that even to be happy even on icky mornings with no coffee.

  1. All three of my kids are healthy enough to go to school – even if we have to wait in the rain for a bus that’s late 🙂
  2. My wonderful husband promised to buy coffee creamer on his way home from work so that I don’t have to get out on the one day there isn’t a kid related reason for me to leave the house.
  3. The words are flowing.
  4. I have a new episode of Doctor Who to watch once I hit my word count for the day.
  5. I have a new USB drive and it is Olaf from Frozen (Olaf is replacing Wonder Woman who is finally full!)


Do you have an obsession?











I have the type of personality that lends itself very well to obsessions. I have things that I love to collect – candles, pens, post-it notes – and I end up with a huge stash. My husband then pulls me back and reminds me that I should use some of these things before I buy anymore. It’s a great partnership we have. I’m the same way with books, bath bombs from Lush, and really good chocolate. I think I would make an excellent hoarder. My newest obsession is washi tape. It’s like regular tape, but pretty. You can buy it in craft store, Target, and on Etsy. I now hunt for the perfect one (I NEED baseball washi!!) and anything will make my planner cute.

Luckily I’m married to a wonderful man, Restaurant Guy, who is willing to put up with all of my obsessions and smile as I look through the twenty rolls of washi tape I own for just the right one.