What I read in April…

Because of the read-a-thon I managed to read a lot in April! THE ACE – Rhonda Shaw THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE – Maya Rodale BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND IAN EVERSEA – Julie Anne Long BEYOND JEALOUSY – Kit Rocha CATCHING CAMERON – Julie Brannagh GOOD GIRL’S DON’T DATE ROCK STARS – Codi Gary HER BEST […]

What I read in March…

I used to do this monthly, but stopped when I stopped reviewing. I like the idea of seeing what other people read, so I decided to start doing the monthly round-up again. Here’s the list of what I read in March: FALLING FOR OWEN – Jennifer Ryan THE RETURN OF BRODY MCBRIDE – Jennifer Ryan […]

Whatcha Reading Wednesday – Last one of 2013!

Since next Wednesday is Christmas and the one after that is New Year’s Day this is the last Whatcha Reading Wednesday of the year – and I’m not reading anything! I finished a book last night (ALL I’M ASKING FOR: A CONTEMPORARY CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY by Christi Barth, Brighton Walsh and Kat Latham) and don’t know if I’ll have […]

What I read in November…

November was a slow reading month for me. I think this is going to become more and more common as I focus on my writing more. My reading time is one of the areas that suffers when I really focus on writing my own story 🙂 Here’s what I read in November: LADY JENNY’S CHRISTMAS […]

Whatcha Reading Wednesday

I’m reading NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED and have been since last week. I’m loving the book and hating that I have NO time to read. I’m not used to reading a book so slowly 🙂 I’ve finished 9 books this month which is very unusual for me. I’m hoping that I will pick back […]

Whatcha Reading Wednesday

I’m reading SLEIGH BELLS IN THE SNOW by Sarah Morgan. So far, I’m loving it. I only get to read in little bits these days so a book has to really catch my attention for me to keep reading and this book has me wishing I could read for longer. What are you reading this […]