So it begins…

November 1st. National Novel Writing Month. Every year I start a new project on November 1st and this year is no different. I’ve spent the last week getting everything ready. Plotting, character sketches, and chapter breakdowns have been completed. My mini-fridge is full of Coke and Cranberry Ginger Ale. My snack drawer is full of […]

It’s HERE!

My book is finally out in the wild! When I started writing I set a goal of being published before I was 35. My birthday is next Saturday and, you guessed it, I will be turning 35. I managed to hit the goal I set for myself exactly one week before my deadline. Sure, I […]

Tuesday Tunes – 9/2/14

  I started a new book yesterday! A new book means a new music playlist. Here are the first ten songs on the playlist for THE PRINCE OF HEARTS! Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran Sweet as Whole – Sara Bareilles Lost Stars – Adam Levine Forever Like That – Ben […]

Manic Monday – August 25th

Today’s Random Thoughts: Monday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Now that all three kids are riding the bus and we don’t have soccer practice or school activities at night, I don’t have to leave the house for the entire day! I will be chained to my computer finishing first round edits […]

Busy Bee…That’s Me!

I’ve been so busy lately and (of course) the first thing to fall to the side is blogging. My birthday was at the beginning of the month and it was wonderful. I was spoiled by my husband and kids – starting with waking up to the whole house decorated with streamers and balloons! This past […]

I should be writing

Today I had planned to start a new book… Actually, I was planning on starting April 1st and then some things got in the way (exciting things – the contract for MAKE ME A MATCH and something else I hope to share soon), and I didn’t start writing anything new till today. Usually when I […]


Obviously I’m not great at updating my blog. I’ve learned something about myself. Unless there is something definite for me to post about the blog gets pushed to the side. I’m going to work on that and try to pose at least three days a week from now on. The posts may be short and […]

Musical Inspiration

I’ve been editing like crazy and listening to the playlist I made while writing MAKE ME A MATCH in November. I love how music can remind me of the characters or a moment that I wrote. I heard this song last week and it sparked a new idea that is so different from anything I […]

Guest Post – Molly Harper

I got this blog post in an email this week from Molly Harper’s publicist. It hit home since I’m stuck in the middle of a blizzard and haven’t been able to leave the house in 4 days. I’m posting it here, hoping that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did! _______________________________________________________________________ Pocket […]