front cover 1MAKE ME A MATCH – Now Available in e-book and trade paperback from Black Opal Books

Tired of kissing frogs, Maddy Simpson finds her family’s spell book and casts the Make Me a Match Spell, trying to lure her Prince Charming. But something goes terribly wrong. Instead of capturing the interest of her one true love, she attracts all the men in town, both young and old, married or single. The spell is easily broken once Maddy rejects the men, but one man just won’t take no for an answer. Oops. Now Maddy has to find a way to get rid of him, while also figuring out if the love she has found with her best friend—and longtime crush—is real or just a result of the spell.

To find out what happens to Maddy and Sean, you can find MAKE ME A MATCH at any of these online bookstores!








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