Review: Outcast by Cheryl Brooks

From the back of the book: Exhausted, discarded, and heartbroken, Lynx vows he’ll never give a woman pleasure again. Until he meets Bonnie, who needs him and loves him. And she’ll never give up until she brings his passion back to full power… This is the 4th book in The Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl […]

Author Interview with Cheryl Brooks (and a contest)

the book girl is happy to have had the chance to interview author Cheryl Brooks. Ms. Brooks is the author of the Cat Star Chronicles books, including Outcast. I hope that you enjoy the interview and will check out Ms. Brooks books! ***************************************************************************** What inspires you to write? I’ve been asked that many times, but […]

Review: Rogue by Cheryl Brooks

From Amazon: Trag and Tychar are brothers sold into slavery when their planet was destroyed. Their race carries a feline gene, giving them sinuous beauty and extraordinary sexual powers. Tychar’s female conquests are legendary, but they never meant much to him, and Trag just laughs at his playboy brother. Living on Darconia, a planet of […]